High Density Polyethylene (H.D.P.E.)
Extruded product that offers very good abrasion resistance and impact resistance. All manufacturers use a type that has ultra violet ray inhibitors added to the material. Because the polyethylene resin is colored throughout, surface color cannot be scratched off.
ABS Thermoplastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styreneplastic)
Extruded product. Glossier finish than polyethylene. Can be formed to tighter radius. UV reistant and can be repaired with fiberglass resin. Less brittle than fiberglass, more rigid that polyethylene. Very nice look and impact resistant.
Extruded HDPE product. Developed in 1978, it's known for it's impact resistance and memory capacity (ability to regain original shape after impact). UV inhibitors are throughout material.
Exclusive to more demanding boats, Ram-XX has two layers of Ram-X bonded together during the extrusion process and offers even more resistance to impact and color fading than Ram-X. Provides a totally maintenance free hull and deck with a great finish.
Lighter weight than ABS and HDPE, it generally produces a heavier finished product, and is also more brittle. Excellent finish. Multi-layer hand laid process beginning with a layer of gelcoat(paint), covered by layers of resin saturated cloth that may be woved mat or chopped fibers. May have reinforcing material such as plywood added for stiffness or support. Ability to form very fine lines, literally down to a knife-sharp entry if desired. UV inhibitors are in the gelcoat(paint).

Superlinear polyethylene
Very rigid rotomolded product.

Crosslinked polyethylene
Firmer, more brittle than superlinear.

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