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WaterWheeler ASL
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
94" 65" 27" 110 lbs. 825 lbs.

Ever dream of having your own private island where you can just lay in the sun away from the crowd ? That's what the WaterWheeler ASL provides. And it will take you there and bring you back. The ASL (Adjustable Sun Lounger) is another big step foward in pedal boat design. It has adjustable seats that make pedaling far more comfortable whether you're short or tall. And when you're not pedaling, shift the seat back into a full sun lounge. Then grab a cold drink from the built-in cooler. So escape the crowd to your own private pedal boat island. No sand. No splashing. No crowds. Just you, the sun and your WaterWheeler ASL. Will accomodate 3 adults in the front and 2 kids in the rear so the whole family can join in. Made of rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene, it has a limited lifetime warranty on the deck and hull and 1 year warranty on parts.

Each seat in the ASL can be adjusted to 6 different pedaling positions, acommodating the smallest child or the tallest adult.

The ASL provided full lounging capability for two passengers. The specially contoured seats provide all the comfort you would expect from an "Adjustable Sun Lounger".

ASL with canopy   $ 699.00

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