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We have specialized in pedal boats since 1975!

Rainbow DLX

Biomechanical research has led to the development of this series of lounging

pedal boats. Compared to the competition, the lounging areas are wider, allowing for complete body extension and are designed with smoother angles. The seats adjust to 3 pedalling postions for comfortable pedalling by front passengers. Pelican's exclusive 5 paddle "Power Wheel" paddlewheel puts 3 blades to work in the water at all times... reducing the effort required to pull a paddle up out of the water, minimizing noise and generating momentum. Also features step-on cooler lids for easier entry/exit of the boat.

Length Width Weight Capacity
91" 62" 113 lbs. 800 lbs.

Rainbow DLX $ 989.00
Canopy included.
Includes shipping in the contiguous 48 states

Select Accessories
Cushions - $85.00
Mooring Cover - $90.00
Salt Water Option - $165.00*
*Salt water option requires assembly

Available Accessories

Comfy-form cushions

Mooring cover

Trolling motor mount

Stainless steel
cranks for salt water

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