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We have specialized in pedal boats since 1975!


Three person capacity, performance pedal boats with adjustable seat backs

allows riders of any height to reach the pedals. Pelican introduced the "adjustable" concept 32 years ago, but back then it was the crankshaft that moved. In 1995, Pelican launched the first, and to this day the only, three person pedal boat with adjustable seat backs. Perfect for the small family because of its safe central child seat. Insulated compartment to keep carry-on gear dry or lunch and drinks cold. Features step-on cooler lid.

Length Width Weight Capacity
84" 60" 87 lbs. 550 lbs.

Fiji   $ 779.00
Includes shipping in the contiguous 48 states

Select Accessories
Comfy-form cushions - $85.00
Mooring Cover - $65.00
Motor Mount - $60.00
Salt Water Option - $165.00*
*Salt water option requires assembly

Available Accessories

Comfy-form cushions

Mooring cover

Trolling motor mount

Stainless steel
cranks for salt water

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