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We have specialized in pedal boats since 1975!


Unique double hull, tri-groove construction provides the most

quiet ride and best performance of any jon boat. These fisherman friendly boats can hold up to 36 cubic feet of cargo. A rivet and maintenance free ribbed deck provides extra strength, and combined with a three channel tracking hull, you end up with the most popular, watertight jon boat. Features include reinforced benches allowing you to mount seats; vertical rod holders; built-in oarlock sockets and carrying handles. Reinforced motor mounts at the bow and stern.

Length   Width   Weight   Capacity   H.P. Rating
12' 48" 126 lbs. 420 lbs. 6 H.P.
Motor weight should not exceed 80 lbs.
Recommended shaft length - 15"

Intruder 12 $ 929.00
Includes shipping in the contiguous 48 states

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