Pelican Product Overview
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For more than 40 years, Pelican International's objective has been to provide products at exceptional values, enabling our customers to make the smart choice. in the small boat category. Staying on the leading edge is always hard work, but it is our way of assuring that Pelican will always be the smart choice.   All Pelican boats in built in RAM-X. Developed and registered by the Coleman Company in 1978, this superior material has performed throughout the years and has become the benchmark in the industry for impact resistance and memory capacity (to regain original shape after impact).
All prices include shipping in the contiguous 48 states.

Pedal Boats

$ 779.00

Monaco DLX
$ 949.00

Rainbow DLX
$ 989.00

Fishing Boats

BassRaider 10E
$ 1049.00

Intruder 12
$ 929.00

Predator 103
$ 1395.00

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