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Pelican Jon Boat Replacement Parts

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Ref PartNo T Description Note Buy Price *Pic
1 4735676 Seat Only - Green Padded   65.00
3 4068128 Seat Swivel   15.00
4 4770234 Seat Tackle Tray Green   15.00
7 4724039 Carry Handle - Grey - On Backorder     
4720898 Carry Handle - Black   18.00
8 4922828 Trolling Motor Receptacle On boat - female pin connectors  15.00
9 4919686 Trolling Motor Plug On motor - male pin connectors  12.00
10 4700455 Oarlock Socket - Black (Pair)   15.00
11 4776025§Rubrail Replacement Kit - Black   60.00
12 4774880 Thru Hull Bushing - J12 3/4 Plug  18.00
13 4014278 Drain Plug   5.00
14 4749172 Drain Plug - Black Between hull drain  7.50
15 4853407 Inline Fuse Holder and Fuse Trolling motor fuse  10.00
50 5489503§Pop Rivet Hand Tool   12.00
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